Blue Rondo Games

Our Team

Blue Rondo Games is a company born out of a shared love for games - the spark of collaborative creativity that comes with making them and the joy of bringing people together that comes with playing them.

Founder, Executive Director

Rick Gardner

Our enthusiastic visionary

Director of Marketing, Game Designer

Warren Jensen

Now 100% seed oil free!

Director of Technology, Full Stack Developer

Luca Gazzola

Big brain tech monkey

Graphic Designer, Illustrator

Annika Dietrich

Artistry at its finest

Full Stack Developer, Composer

Nick VanAmburg

The Dave Brubeck of plugins

Composer, Arranger

Darnell Calderon

Music to our ears

Graphic Designer

Krey Daniel

Go-getting youngster

Graphic Designer

Serena Trieu

Serene and truly reliable. Get it?

Gameplay Programmer, Front-End Developer

Avinash Calidas

Everyone's favorite Avinash

Gameplay Programmer

Joshua Tucker

Unmatched CIAB strategist

Illustrator, Concept Artist

Sabrina Weeks

Delivering high-quality art for weeks on end

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